Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will cause my request to not be approved?

    There are only a few things that will cause your request to be denied. The biggest ones are not having an ASD or SPD diagnosis or the child being over the age of 18. Then there is not paying the donation or finding out that you are receiving another blanket from someone else. We limit our blankets to one per child, so if you have already received one you will be denied receiving another.

2. My child is over 18 or does not have an ASD/SPD diagnosis can they still get a blanket?

    Yes. We have the directions to make a blanket on our site under the Donate tab. You can locate all the necessary supplies at your local Joann Fabrics or Hobby Lobby. We can answer any questions you have on making one. We also occasionally sell them on Facebook. So pop over there and see what we are doing or just to say hi!

3. I don't want to use PayPal is there any other way to pay?

    No. We have had this asked a lot. PayPal is one of the safest ways we can find to pay. Checks get lost in the mail, cash can be counterfeit. We use PayPal as a way to protect you as well. We can issue refunds immediately (up to 180 days) and solve problems immediately.

4. Can you use minky, fleece, or flannel?

    No. We use a triple stitch, Minky requires a walking foot. Some sewing machines (Katie's does this) will not do a triple stitch with a walking foot. It also takes longer (up to 3 times as long) to sew minky. Fleece and flannel, while they are soft and cuddly, become hot in the summer and produce a lot of lint which gums up the machines. So unfortunately we do not use them. We use quilting cotton fabric only. 

5. How do I know my request number?

     You will receive an email from Weighted Comfort with what you submitted. On the bottom there is an Entry ID number. That is your request number.

6. Do you ship to XXXXX?

     Yes. We ship Worldwide. So far we have shipped to Canada, the UK, and Australia. It is pricey though, so please email us to get a quote at

7. When do I have to submit my donation by?

     You will receive a PayPal Invoice within the week of submitting the request, per the request was approved. It will be due by the following Friday. To make it easy we always include the due date on the invoice.

8. I have submitted my request and paid my donation where are my items?

     Once the request is submitted and donation received the items will be worked on the following three months. Then they will ship no later than the first week of the next month. So from time of request there will be a wait of roughly 12 to 16 weeks until they are shipped to you. We will ship them when we finish them so you may receive your items sooner.

9. I am a teacher or therapist can I get one to use?

     Yes. We offer them for a donation of our cost for the blankets and lap pads plus shipping. Please email us so we can get you the price list and order form. ​We do require proof of profession, in the email we will let you know what we accept. We promise it is simple!

10. When will the form be open? or Why is the form password protected?

     We open our form the 1st of the month in February, May, August,and November. This way you are not on an endless list. This keeps our turn around time roughly 12 to 16 weeks from time of submission.

11. How can I purchase a blanket or lap pad?

     We post them occasionally on our Facebook page.

12. What is the donation to receive and item used for?

     It is mainly used to cover the cost of shipping the items. If there is any left over, we use it to cover the cost of materials used to make the item(s).


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