Who We Are

Mission Statement- Weighted Comfort for Kids NFP believing in the value of Pressure Therapy aims to provide sensory comfort to any Autistic or Sensory Processing minor in need through sound business and management practices.


That being said we are sisters, Katie and Liz.


Liz Depew is a mom and wife to two amazing guys. She has an Associates in Accounting and Associates in Business Management. She also works full time at a local repair shop. When she is not working, she is homeschooling her son.

Katie Kinzler is also a wife and mom to two amazing guys. She has over 15 years of experience in sewing as she enjoys making quilts. She is a full time homemaker and housewife that is homeschooling her son.


They both have friends or family that are on the spectrum. Katie saw a friend that was in need of a blanket. She made one and sent it to them as a surprise. When the surprise was received they were shocked that someone would do that. This got Katie thinking and discussed her idea with her sister. Together they came to form the non profit in June of 2015 and received tax-exempt status in July 2015.

In October of 2018 Tami Hemmer contacted us about wanting to help. She then helped us expand our group into Iowa, with the whole process finishing in April of 2019. Tami Hemmer is a wife, mom, avid quilter, and dedicated volunteer. She brings so much knowledge and experience to the table that we are excited to see where this new journey takes us.


We are hoping that by providing this blanket for free with a small shipping donation, that family have one less burden that comes with having an Autistic or SPD child. Weighted blankets average from $100 to $400. This may seem like a small expense but, on average a family can pay an extra $17,000 to support an Autistic or SPD child. This includes but does not limit to: specialty doctors, therapists, schools, other sensory equipment, and special childcare.


Come join us in making a child calm and happy!

Our board is as follows

President – Katie Kinzler

Vice President – James Depew

Secretary/Treasurer – Liz Depew

Iowa Executive Director - Tami Hemmer


About Us


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31025 N. 2400 East Rd. Dwight, IL 60420

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