Hi all!


It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing this, Weighted Comfort for Kids is moving towards dissolution. We have been wondering when, or if, this would happen for about the last 6 months.


The main reason we are is, it seems, that our purpose has been fulfilled. Our request spots went from filling in a day in August, to 2 weeks in November, to they never filled up in February. We added new diagnoses and past requesters, they still didn't fill. They were shared and seen by thousands of people, they still didn't fill. Luckily, the virus put us at a halt on sewing parties. This helped us, so we could assess what we wanted to do.


It also showed us the secondary reason for our decision, we are too busy. Katie and Liz for the last 5 years have been working our tails off keeping this going and taking care of our families/jobs/selves/etc. Our volunteers have been sewing their fingers off to help us out too. We appreciate each and everyone of them. We have, over the 5 years, made so many new friends.

When we started this, you could not buy a weighted blanket in a store. They had to be ordered from a medical catalog, for 100s of dollars. Now they are everywhere much cheaper, which is awesome! We believe that is the reason for not having requests come in.


***Please for the people that are still waiting on your items. We are still sewing them, you will receive them, we promise! We finally have some sewing parties able to start again the end of the month. We believe there may only be a few that will be shipped past June 6th. We emailed the 8 that will be late.***


We will have some completed blankets up for $20 shipping. Also, if anyone is interested in sewing their own we can make kits available, fabric, pellets, and instructions. These will be sold on our Facebook page.

We want to thank everyone that has supported us through the years! Without you, this would have not been possible!.


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